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DIY Website Design

Why choose DIY web design? Will it help you get more business?

DIY website design. Sounds inexpensive and easy to handle.


Well... Don't pull that trigger just yet!

Everything is not always as it appears.

Let's take a look at how some of these digital products and services might work.

Build Your Own Website

The basic do it yourself web design model is a good way we could go to get our website online. We have to start somewhere. Right?

DYI websites typically come with a drag and drop functionality or a set of themes to choose from, which makes the design aspect much easier for those people who do not have any coding skills.

This is perfect, If you have a bit of a creative side, don't mind spending hours preparing your content, and don't have a slew of special needs or requirements.

Also, you will need to devote time to website management, updates and upgrades, as well as all of the necessary online digital marketing that is required to give your site a fighting chance among your competitors.

Most business owners do not have the luxury of time to invest in building their own website and maintaining it, as well as initiating and maintaining marketing campaigns.


Do You Need A Business Website?

Most businesses absolutely need a website to Market their products or services effectively in today's world.

Depending on your business model, there may be nothing wrong with starting out with a DIY website plan, especially if your budget won't permit anything else.

Weigh all of your options before jumping in. You may find that you will get started and end up needing to hire someone to finish the job. When that happens, most times the project will have to began again.

Working in platforms like WordPress, Joomla and others may be helpful. However, when installing themes and plugins that others have built, you may encounter issues that are beyond your knowlege.

When that happens, you will end up searching online, possibly for hours or even days, trying to find a solution, which may never appear.

Then there's the whole SEO thing. Should you do yourself? Absolutely! If you are experience with digital marketing, by all means go for it. If not, and you have plenty of time to spare learning digital marketing, go for it.


We Have Solutions If You're Looking!

I would absolutely do it myself, if I had time and know-how. There's nothing more rewarding than finding the best solution to a problem.

However, if you don't have the time or the knowlege to get your website and web marketing off the ground, we have solutions for you.

Check out our plans below, and reach out to us if you need some assistance. We are here to serve, and happy to do it.


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