Audit Your SEO

The SEO Audit is the beginning of a strong SEO strategy. The Audit  helps your seo strategist understand exactly whats going on within your digital marketing construct.

The Audit should begin with your website itself. If your website is not built on a solid seo foundation with core principles in place, then everything you do outside your site will be less meaningful.

This will lead to fewer organic visitors, which means lower return on investment, because your website is the best and least expensive tool, over-all, for ongoing lead generation.

Once your website has been taken care of you should audit outside SEO factors, like social media, business directory listings and ad campaigns to ensure they fit your website SEO plan.

Plan Your SEO

Once you've completed your SEO Audit, you will need the information you've obtained to create your SEO plan. Because a plan lets you see where you expect to end up.

This plan must begin with your website SEO. Your website SEO plan should start with prioritizing your content. Prioritizing your content will signal the search engines as to what you think is most important and most relevant to visitors.

A great SEO plan will not always yield exaclty what you're looking for because the search engines have their own ideas as to what is more relevant to thier users. But, you can get real close, and sometimes hit the nail on the head.

Note: There's more to it than this, that's why its important not to be too relaxed in your SEO efforts. Make sure you hire an experienced strategist if you think you may run into trouble.

Do You Need An SEO Audit?

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Develop Your SEO

Finally, your plan goes into action.

Once your SEO planning and structuring is complete, you will want to begin by developing your content based on the plan you've created.

Your content needs to be structured and optimized according to your plan, and to the guidelines set forth by search engines, which will be crawling your website for inclusion in their database.

Whether this is a new SEO development or a redesign you would need to proceed the same way for both.

Once you begin adding your content to your website or off-site vendor website, pay attention to your links, and make sure none of them are broken or lead to the wrong information. This will put a damper on your search engine optimization.

You will also want to address the reponsive website design aspect of your SEO, because search engines measure user experience. A slow loading website, or one with small font or odd-sized elements make it difficult for users to consume your information, and is less likely to be served up in top search results over a competitor with fewer issues.

Image and video optimization is also an important part of optimizing your website for better SEO performance, and not just fron the perspective of size.

Image and video filenames and descriptions, alt tags and more, are ways that help users understand the information on your website. These all play a part in your search engine optimization.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work. It is.

We have years of experience helping small businesses create the best strategy for their digital marketing.

Our SEO Auditing Services

We have been in the SEO business for more than 15 years, and have many tools available to audit your website. However, our most useful tool is our search engine optimization experience.

As an experienced SEO company, we are able to utilize the other SEO tools more effectively and get a more positive long-term result in the process.

There are many factors that are involved in the structuring of your SEO, and we take all of those into account when performing an audit. Below is a short list of the items we consider.

  • We analyze your website for multi-device performance, accessibilty, best practices and SEO.
  • We axamine your meta-tags, and other HTML attributes for proper structure and continuity with the context of each web page.
  • We examine each web page for content optimization, which includes structure and readability.
  • We examine your internal link structure to ensure context cohesiveness and continuity.
  • We check your images and video for proper attrubutes and optimization.
  • We check your website server response time, and unnecessary data transfer delays and caching issues.

We begin by collecting valuable information from you through a questionaire, which will allow us to gain insight into your vision, and helps guide us as we audit the website.

Our Tailored SEO Plan

Once your website SEO audit has been completed, we will provide you with a report of our findings, along with a proposal of any changes that may be required to get your website's SEO performance optimized.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will collect more valuable information through a second questionaire to learn of any changes  you may have to your original vision as a result of the audit report.

We will then tailor a plan specifically for your website. Most plans take between 1 week and 14 days to create, but could take up to 30 days or longer, depending on how many pages your website has and how many issues were found during the audit, and how long it takes to get your post-audit responses.

Once your plan has been completed you can execute the plan or have us execute it for you.

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