Power of WordPress

The Power of WordPress For Developers

The power of WordPress has substantially increased over the last 15 years. When I started using WordPress around 2007, there were still quite a few issues when it came to updating themes and plugins.

All in all, it was still a pretty cool platform, because it allowed developers like me to create and add code on top of the existing code-base. But I was still skeptical when it came to plugins and security, so I opted to build most websites from scratch.

Because of WordPress popularity, from time to time, people would reach out to me for help with a website that had been developed using the WP platform. So, I ended up working in it anyway, which was fine, because I witnessed the amazing evolution of the platform first-hand.

Let me tell you, I am glad I did; because in today's fast paced world of technology, getting a client website from the development phase to production quickly is so much smoother with WordPress. Now, I am working predominately as  a WordPress Website Designer for small businesses all over.

Straight Out Of The Box

WordPress works very quickly straight out of the box. It only takes a few minutes for an experienced user or developer to get a site live. There are also many themes and plugins now available at WordPress.org and all over the web, that can be used to add some great functionality to a website, with the click of a button.

All of this raw web design power put into the hands of non-developers could be a little scary for developers. Much like the other drag and drop builders that have popped up over the years. But when you look at it practically, you realize it just offers more opportunity for web developers and makes their job a bit easier in some cases.

With WordPress, I usually still need to do some tweaks, which keeps my game a little fresh where coding is concerned. But I'm no longer lost for 16 to 18 hours every day creating the whole front-end to back-end thing from scratch. It just makes it more enjoyable. It also helps me help more people than I could have in the past, while keeping costs down for my clients. Everybody likes that.

Developing With WordPress

Well... here I am, years later. Rather than dabbling in WordPress and developing everything from scratch, I am developing with a partner. That partner is WordPress. My partner is backed by every major website host on the planet, and powers around 50% percent of the websites that currently exist.

I can't even begin tell you how many developers have actually contributed, and still contribute to my partners' success, but it's a lot. And that success spills over to me and my clients as well.

For that, I am deeply grateful to the WordPress founders and contributors for this awesome platform, and what it does for myself and my clients.

Because of all of this power, I am able to concentrate on the user interface needs of my client, and not so much of the server side stuff. WordPress has broken all of that, including database operations into a beautiful network of hooks, functions, classes, methods(functions), and API's.

Another beautiful thing is that we can choose from thousands of already baked themes around the web, and tweak them for what we need, or still better we an start with a plain theme and design something great from there.

Either way, with WordPress powering your website, you can't go wrong.

My name is Harry Doyle. If you need a new website or just an update of an older site, reach out to me at WebsiteInDesign/Contact and I will get back to you quickly.

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