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WordPress Updates Core To Version 6.3.2

After only a little more than a month since the minor release of version 6.3.1, WordPress has pushed another short-cycle release to update the core.

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The update known as Version 6.3.2 provides 41 bug fixes, as well as addressing security issues within WordPress. According to the release notes from WordPress, this update fixes 19 core bugs , 22 block editor bugs, and 8 security issues.

According to WordPress, among the security issues that were fixed were an XSS vulnerability in the post link navigation block, an XSS vulnerability in the application password screen, an XSS vulnerability in the footnotes block, as well as a potential disclosure of email addresses.

Better Content Creation Tools

WordPress 6.3 has workflow enhancements to make designing more efficient and fluid. Content, patterns and templates are available at the site editor level giving you better control and access to the tools needed to get your web page content created quickly.

Patterns formerly known as reusable blocks can be created, synced and saved for global editing or single instance changes. This gives you the ability to design page elements like prebuilt rows and page content to reuse across multiple pages that can be changed in one place.

You can also create prebuilt elements like building blocks to use in new pages on your current site or to speed up the building process in future designs.

Performance & Accessibility

According to WordPress, there are over a 170 performance boosts in Version 6.3, including async support for the Scripts API, and fetchpriority support for images.

More than 50 accessibility improvements such as labeling, tab and arrow key navigation, heading hierarchy and admin image editor improvements.

Learn more about all the features and tools to help you create at WordPress Version 6.3 and get your website started today.

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