Quick Start Website Design

Professional 5 Page Website

5 professionally pre-built web pages designed to attract and engage your visitors.

Mobile Friendly Design

Each page layout designed to display efficiently on modern mobile and desktop browsers.

Launched With 72 Hours

Quick Start website is guaranteed to be launched with 72 hours. However, the customization may take longer depending on your requirements.

Customized Layout & Design

The Quick Start website layout will be one of five custom designs, which can be customized further with a change in colors, images and font types.

Customized Contact Forms

Customized contact form to handle the collection of specific information required by your business.

5 Related Stock Images

5 stock images related to your industry. Stock images can be replaced by your images, or be in addition to your images.

Image Sliders Included

The Quick Start website includes image sliders to allow you to display multiple images and text in a single location in your web pages.

Logo Favicon Included

The Favicon is the image, typically your logo, that represents your website and shows in the browser tab when your web page is loaded.

Search Friendly Sitemap

The sitemap is a map of links that search engines can crawl to understand the structure and hierarchy of your websites pages.

Content Management System

The Quick Start website is a CMS that gives you the ability to update your website yourself.

User Admin Dashboard

Secure administrative dashboard for making changes to your website.

6 Month Agreement

Website will be hosted and managed by Website In Design for 6 months at Essential hosting and management rates.

100% Ownership

Your website belongs to you. After 6 months, if you're happy with our service you can stay. If you would like to leave early, just pay a pro-rated host and management fee for the 6 month period.

Transferable Website

The Quick Start website is a WordPress install and is easily transferable to any WordPress hosting company.

Just A Few Florida Cities We Serve

  • Ocala Florida
  • Belleview Florida
  • Lady Lake Florida
  • The Villages Florida
  • Gainesville Florida
  • Inverness Florida
  • Orlando Florida
  • Chipley, Florida
  • Crestview Florida
  • Niceville Florida
  • Destin Florida
  • Fort Walton Beach Florida
  • Valparaiso Florida
  • Freeport Florida
  • Defuniak Florida
  • Panama City, Florida
  • Tampa Florida
  • St Petersburg Florida
  • Citrus Park Florida
  • New Port Richey Florida
  • Clearwater Florida
  • Palm Harbor Florida
  • Tarpon Springs Florida
  • Sunny Hills, Florida
  • Jupiter Florida
  • Palm Beach Florida
  • Boynton Beach Florida
  • Boca Raton Florida
  • Delray Beach Florida
  • Deerfield Beach Florida
  • Ft Lauderdale Florida
  • Tallahassee, florida

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